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Crowns are a great way to reinforce a weakened tooth or cap a dental implant. Dr. Erika Burley has more than a decade of experience placing dental crowns, and can help you restore your smile and your confidence. If you have questions about dental crowns, or are exploring your tooth restoration options, schedule an appointment online or over the phone today at Burley Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Crowns Q & A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of fixed prosthetic device that covers the visible portion of your tooth. They can be used in numerous ways, including to:

  • Attach a bridge
  • Complete a dental implant
  • Protect a tooth from fracturing
  • Restore a tooth that has already fractured
  • Replace a large filling
  • Complete a root canal
  • Improve the appearance of a discolored or misshapen tooth

What is it like to get a dental crown?

The process begins with a comprehensive dental exam, which may include X-ray imaging. Dr. Burley determines what type of restoration is right for you, and discusses your options in detail.

Numbing medication keeps you comfortable as Dr. Burley removes any damaged tooth tissue and shapes the tooth to make room for the crown. It might be necessary to use special dental materials to “build up” the tooth to accept the crown.

Burley Cosmetic Dentistry has an in-house dental lab that crafts custom crowns and bridges. This drastically cuts down on the timeframe of your procedure, because there’s no need to wait for weeks while your crown is being manufactured.

Once your crown is ready, your tooth and surrounding gum tissue are numbed before Dr. Burley checks the new crown for fit. Once the fit is perfect, she cements it into place.  

What materials are used for dental crowns?

You have a number of choices when it comes to the material for your dental crown. There are pros and cons to each option, and Dr. Burley works with you to find the right match for your specific needs.

Ceramic or porcelain

These crowns offer a beautiful aesthetic and can be shaded to match the color of your surrounding teeth. They can be used for front or back teeth, and are a great option for people with metal allergies. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are among the more expensive options.


These crowns are made of a strong metal alloy that is coated with a layer of porcelain. They can be colored to match your natural teeth, but the metal layer is sometimes visible as a dark line along your gum line. They cost less than all-ceramic or all-porcelain options, but they do cause wear to the opposing teeth.


Metal crowns can be made of base-metal alloys like nickel-chromium or cobalt-chromium, or crafted from an alloy containing gold or silver. Metal crowns are the strongest option, and can also be affordable, based on the type of metal selected.


Resin crowns are the least expensive option. They are somewhat weaker than other types and are more prone to fractures as compared to other material choices.  

If you think that a dental crown might be a good fit for you, schedule an appointment at Burley Cosmetic Dentistry today.