“It’s not that bad!” “I’ll be fine!” “It can wait.” How often have we heard (or ourselves repeated) these adages? These sentences usually follow some kind of situation where everything is not fine, but we struggle to accept that we might be in need of some help. It kind of boils down to burden and hassle—we ask ourselves, do we really need to see the dentist or doctor? Is this really an emergency? There seems to be this thought that if something’s not bad enough, we’re wasting our time, and others’ as well.

At Burley Dentistry, one of the things that we are so committed to is making sure you never sacrifice your comfort, health, and well-being. Because of this, we offer emergency dental services to all of our patients, and we can get back to you even after-hours. Emergencies rarely happen at convenient times, but our dental clinic works to make our services convenient for you. Learn about when it’s time to get emergency dental services, and contact Burley Dentistry for all of your general and cosmetic dentistry needs! Our dental office would be happy to work with you.

You have a loose, permanent tooth.

Of course, loose teeth in childhood is natural and expected. A loose adult tooth on the other hand requires immediate attention. Even if it’s not causing any pain, a loose tooth is cause for emergency dental services. Much of this is because there’s a chance that a loose permanent tooth can be saved if it’s attended to in time, which is a far superior option than losing a tooth and having to deal with dental implants and more.

The majority of the time, a loose, permanent tooth is caused from periodontal (gum) disease. As a preventative measure, flossing is one of the most important measures you can take to protect your oral health, as well as preserve your health overall. But at Burley Dentistry, we get that things can happen, which is why our dental clinic is here to help. If you notice a loose, permanent tooth, this is a great reason to contact Dr. Erika Burley.

You have a cracked dental crown (and it’s causing you pain).

Noticing a cracked dental crown is not exactly the best part of your day, and it definitely warrants a trip to the dentist. In some cases, a cracked dental crown is simply that—a cracked crown, nothing more, nothing less. It has virtually no effect on your life, but you know that it will need to be fixed. If there’s no pain, simply the cracked dental crown, call our dental clinic to see what they advise, but likely you’ll be fine to avoid chewing in that region of your mouth and see Dr. Burley in a day or two.

If your dental crown has cracked and it’s causing you pain, call our emergency dental services. We’ve all heard it before, this thought of “It hurts, but it’s not that bad,” but we’re here to tell you that if it hurts at all, you need to come in. You should never experience dental pain and accept this as normal—in fact, dental pain, of any capacity, is a sign that something’s not right. Listen to your body, and recognize that any amount of pain is not normal, and not something you should have to live with. Dentist Dr. Burley can help with dental crowns, including same-day crowns, and will provide the expertise you need to restore your mouth back to normal.

Your teeth have suddenly experienced a dramatic change.

Maybe mid-laughter you tripped on the front porch steps, maybe your boxing match got a little too real, but no matter the situation, if you find yourself faced with one less tooth and a mouthful of blood, it’s time to make the call. People can sometimes think a missing tooth is now forever gone and there’s nothing that can be done, but the best thing to do is let your dentist be the judge. If your tooth is in good shape, just, you know, no longer in your mouth, hold onto it—Dr. Burley can use this to aid in replacement.

Similarly, if you’re not missing a tooth but a part of it has broken off, this might also constitute as a time to call our emergency cosmetic dentist. Especially around this time of year, the caramel apples and the toffee bites and those old school candies that you feel like trying even though you know it’s going to be a bad time for your teeth (we’re lookin’ at you, Bit-O-Honey) seem to have a penchant for breaking or cracking a tooth. This can be extremely painful, and is absolutely a reason to call our dental clinic. Even if it happens on a dark and stormy October night, we’ll do our best to get back to you.

You’re experiencing pain, in general.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—dental pain is not normal, and not something you should just expect yourself to deal with. Dental pain of any capacity or variety is a sign that something’s going on, and your dentist will be the first to want to know about it.

Something that we as humans collectively tend to do is practice this unfortunate habit of diminishing our pain. We say things like “it’s not that bad” or “I’ll be fine” because it’s sometimes easier than to admit there’s a problem. As we all know, admitting there’s a problem requires getting help, which can be a financial burden, a time-consuming process that we just don’t have time for, or simply an emotional challenge to accept that we can’t fix it all. These sentiments are normal, but they’re not healthy, and our bodies would be the first to agree. When we acknowledge that something’s not right, we’re doing the best thing for ourselves and our health, which is something that our dental clinic encourages to the fullest extent.

Waiting on dental services when you’re in pain is not only uncomfortable, but can create further problems down the line. A cracked tooth could be saved if treated now, but waiting could result in extraction and so many other procedures. A missing tooth could stay missing, but not seeing a dentist soon enough could mean teeth shifting, overcompensating from other teeth, and several other issues. In the world of dental health, waiting can end up causing more damage than simply talking with our emergency cosmetic dentist.

When you’re in pain, when something dramatically changes in your dental health, when your tooth is loose, or when something just is off and doesn’t feel right, the right decision to make is a simple one—call Dr. Erika Burley. At the very least, you can talk to a member of our dental clinic and they can help determine if it’s a dental emergency, or if you can wait. But by making one phone call, you can be making a significant difference in your overall dental health. For dental services, cosmetic dentistry, and dental emergencies, the team at Burley Dentistry has you covered. We are the dental clinic of choice in Charlotte, and are committed to providing the compassion and professionalism you deserve. Set up an appointment with our dentist today!