If you’re like millions of Americans or other people around the world, your teeth might be less-than-pearly-white. Excessive coffee consumption and other sugary, acidic beverages (we’re looking at you, red wine) and foods tend to erode our enamel over time, leaving our teeth looking more yellow than white. So, if you’re not content with the color of your teeth don’t worry – you’re not alone!

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Now, let’s take a look at a few teeth whitening myths.

Myth: Whitening Your Teeth Harms Enamel

This is not true. There’s a common misconception that whitening works by chemically melting off or “laser-zapping” the outer layer of enamel, but really, this is not how it works. Essentially, bleaching works by opening the pores of the teeth and allowing a cleaning agent – specifically peroxide – to get into the inner structure and clean it of stains. Over time, the pores will close again.

Myth: You Can Never Drink Wine Or Coffee Again After Whitening

Again, this is false information – do you think that people would really whiten their teeth if they couldn’t drink coffee or wine afterward? People love their wine and coffee. Now, most dentists do recommend to avoid “heavily staining” your teeth with acidic foods and drinks for the first few days after a whitening treatment – this includes tea, soda, orange juice, cranberry juice, soy sauce, and chocolate, among other foods and beverages. If you must have your daily cup of joe, try adding creamer and drink it through a straw.

Myth: You Can Whiten Crowns And Fillings

Sadly, this is not the case. Fillings, crowns, and veneers stain at the margins but they dull over time, ultimately resisting whitening. It is for this very reason that many dentists will actually recommend getting a whitening treatment before you get a crown or a veneer. By whitening your teeth ahead of time, it is possible to match the veneer to the new, whiter and brighter shade of your teeth.

Myth: Bleaching Lasts Forever

It would be nice if one bleaching session really did last for life, but really, teeth bleaching lasts closer to two or three years – in some cases, your teeth might even begin to fade after only a couple of months. Think about getting your teeth whitened like you’re getting your hair dyed – it requires maintenance and touch-ups. By taking proper care of your teeth, you’ll extend the life of the whitening job in question.

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