Dracula is cooler than cool, Frankenstein is awesome, but as great as they are, we don’t want to model our teeth and dental health after them. Yet this can be a tricky thing to maneuver throughout the month of October, a time where bags of Tootsie Rolls and Kit Kats seem to show up as frequently as trick-or-treaters on the 31st. And we kind of can’t help but indulge our sweet tooth through the Halloween season, but if you don’t want that Bit-O-Honey costing you a Bit-O-Money at the dentist, there are some things you should do to keep your dental health in check.

Dr. Erika Burley is the dentist of choice in the Charlotte area, providing premier cosmetic dentistry and general dental procedures to clients for 17 years. When you work with Burley Dentistry, you’re working with the best in care and compassion, which is why people choose our dental clinic time and again. Learn how to protect and take care of your teeth this holiday season, and schedule a visit with our dental clinic for cosmetic dentistry and more!

Enjoy and indulge, in moderation.

This isn’t just a good measure for dental health, it’s not just a good practice for overall health, but in general, everything’s a little better and a little more savory when it’s taken in moderation. An important fact to keep in mind is the recommended amount of added sugars that shouldn’t be exceeded in a day—25 grams of added sugar for women and 37.5 grams of added sugar for men are the maximum. As a point of reference, a Butterfinger candy bar has 24 grams of sugar in one serving! While you don’t have to avoid those scrumptious Butterfingers or delectable Reeses for the rest of your life, it’s good to keep in mind what you’re consuming, and remembering the effects it can have on your teeth, gums, and body as a whole.

Focus on the “treat” in trick-or-treating—you can eat a piece of candy and enjoy it, and savor it as a treat. As great as eating an entire bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms sounds, your teeth and dentist feel differently.

Make flossing a focus.

Your jack-o-lantern looks fabulous! But your teeth resembling and looking like your carved pumpkin? Not so much. Prevent this by flossing, and perhaps even more than you usually do. Everyone should be flossing daily, but less than a third of the population report to actually doing so. Chances are, you fall into the majority of people who floss occasionally to hardly at all (if ever). If this is the case, it’s never too late to make a change, and this Halloween can be a great time to make this happen.

Plaque buildup from sugars and foods wreak havoc on our tooth enamel and gums, and this buildup is simply not something we can eliminate through brushing alone. Brushing our teeth covers parts of the surfaces of our teeth, but fails to reach the in-between spaces and right by the gum line.

If you have already been flossing daily, the dentists at Burley Dentistry are beyond proud of you—keep it up! If not, now’s the time to make it happen. The added sugars are going to keep doing their thing, which means it’s time for you to make flossing a focus. Leave the missing and mangled teeth to the monsters—preserve yours through frequent flossing.

Be mindful of your beverages.

Mmmm, we can practically smell the autumnal aroma of spiced apple cider wafting through the air. Or we might see other festive beverages at those office parties or Halloween get-togethers, where it can be wickedly tempting to try whatever’s bubbling in that witch’s cauldron. Going back to the moderation piece, these are some lovely, seasonal drinks that everyone wants to partake in, and you absolutely should—as long as you’re being mindful of what you’re consuming.

Sugary beverages are the Michael Myers to your dental health—a silent killer. Dentists know and shudder at how sugary beverages can create so much damage over time to your teeth, which is why it’s important to consider the impact they can have.

Once again, this by no means is a reason to run screaming every time you see a festive Halloween drink or pumpkin spice latte available, and you can treat yourself every now and then. Just make sure to limit your intake of these drinks, and always follow everything with a glass of water. If you can, brushing your teeth is best, but in the event that’s not an option, rinsing with some water can help flush away some of the plaque and bacteria buildup.

Visit your dentist for a checkup.

Dr. Erika Burley is the perfect person to see to make sure your dental health is on track this Halloween. From cosmetic dentistry to teeth cleanings, orthodontics and more, we can help your dental health stay on top throughout the sugary season. Not to mention, if you end up biting that piece of candy corn and it somehow ends up resulting in shooting pain, we have the emergency dental services to take care of that, too.

Our dental clinic has been serving the Charlotte area for over 17 years, and people continue to work with dentist Dr. Burley for the best in dental care. Keep your teeth looking sparkly and not spooky this Halloween—contact Burley Dentistry today to set up an appointment!