Nothing makes a person more radiant or magnetic than a sparkling white smile. Over time, the sparkle of your teeth can grow dull from staining. Certain foods and beverages can contribute to staining your teeth. Which foods and drinks are the culprit behind yellow teeth?


Curry uses a blend of zesty spices to add a rich flavor to different types of ethnic foods, including Thai and Indian cuisine. Have you ever noticed that curry dishes tend to be rich not only in flavor but in color as well? This is due to the deeply pigmented spices used, such as turmeric.

If you want brighter teeth, you could limit your curry consumption. But for those of you who absolutely love curry dishes, try mixing them with vegetables that prevent stains, such as cauliflower.

Blueberries and Blackberries

Chock full of antioxidants and delicious to boot, blueberries and blackberries are popular fruit. However, these deeply pigmented berries are more prone to staining your teeth. As a rule of thumb, if a food leaves a stain on your carpet that is difficult to remove, it will also discolor your teeth.

Another delicious fruit you could eat instead that are good for your overall and dental health is the strawberry. Containing malic acid, strawberries help brighten your teeth naturally.


If you can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning, we have some bad news: coffee is bad for your teeth. This beverage contains tannins, which cause discoloration. Worse yet, its acidic pH level makes your teeth more vulnerable if you eat any acidic foods at the same time.


Red Wine

If you love to drink red wine, you may notice your lips and teeth turn purple after a few glasses. Although your teeth will look normal again once you brush them, frequent wine consumption could cause permanent staining on your teeth. Like coffee, red wine contains tannins, which leads to discoloration.

White Wine

Did you think you were in the clear by switching from white wine to red? Don’t shoot the messenger here, but white wine can make stains darker. Why is that? White wine contains a high acid content, which results in little pockets on the surface of the teeth. When you drink other beverages, these little pockets are more vulnerable to stains.

Fruit Juices

If you’re a teetotaller who avoids wine and coffee, you’re still not in the clear. The combination of deep coloring and high acidity of fruit juices can stain your teeth, especially grape or cranberry juices.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you refuse to give up coffee and wine? Good for you! At Burley Dentistry at Providence plaza, we offer the best cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte. We offer professional teeth whitening for those looking for a brighter smile.

If you need more substantial cosmetic dentistry, we also offer porcelain veneers, which also address chips and cracks in your teeth as well. However, if your teeth are naturally bright, you could still come into our Charlotte dental clinic for regular checkups and any of your dental care needs. Contact our Charlotte family dentist today to get started.