1. When to Get Emergency Dental Services

    “It’s not that bad!” “I’ll be fine!” “It can wait.” How often have we heard (or ourselves repeated) these adages? These sentences usually follow some kind of situation where everything is not fine, but we struggle to accept that we might be in need of some help. It kind of boils down…Read More

  2. Keeping Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween

    Dracula is cooler than cool, Frankenstein is awesome, but as great as they are, we don’t want to model our teeth and dental health after them. Yet this can be a tricky thing to maneuver throughout the month of October, a time where bags of Tootsie Rolls and Kit Kats seem to show up as frequently a…Read More

  3. Reasons to Work With a Cosmetic Dentist

    We know that visiting a dentist twice a year for routine dental cleanings and checkups is a must. Preserving our dental health is one of the most important things we can do for not only our teeth and gums, but for our health overall. Yet one of the other main components of dentistry (and especially …Read More

  4. Help Making Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

    Alright, we’ll be honest. Brushing teeth is not exactly something that many people consider “fun.” Yet just like doing our laundry and washing the dishes, teeth brushing is something that simply needs to be completed. This is a healthy habit that we want to build, which is why it’s so import…Read More

  5. Welcome

    Welcome to the new Burley Cosmetic Dentistry website! Stay tuned for updates!…Read More