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Our dentist and staff at Burley Dentistry are dedicated to making sure that you receive high-quality dental care that is comfortable. Many of our dental services can be utilized by patients of any age and we can help you select the best course of action to address you specific needs. We are able to provide you with pictures of your teeth so you can see their current condition and we can discuss what procedure can help you get the results you are looking for. With more than 15 years of experience, our Charlotte dentist can make sure you receive thoughtful and dedicated dental care.

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Committed to Providing High-Quality Dental Care

When you visit Burley Dentistry, you won’t be treated as just another number. It’s our goal to provide each and every patient with careful, considerate, and comfortable dental services. You are able to receive one-on-one care from the dentist and not feel like the dentist is just rushing from room to room to get each patient out so the next set of appointments can come in. We want to encourage all of our patients to be vocal about their concerns and to ask questions so they are able to receive key information about their mouth.

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